Many think that when exposed to germs, it can be cured with drugs that are in accordance with a doctor’s prescription. Various types of viruses and diseases that have spread throughout the world such as: HIV,. But what about hepatitis? Hepatitis is an inflammatory disease of the liver. Almost all the symptoms suffered byhepatitis are not visible so that this disease becomes rapidly contagious and is not handled swiftly.

Hepatitis is an invisible disease or can be said to be viral hepatitis. This virus is invisible so people who are exposed tohepatitis cannot be cured quickly. Viruses that cause hepatitis are very diverse, so preventing the virus can be said to be easy and difficult.

The things that cause viral can occur are:

– Can be through drinking alcohol Singerprofile

– Drugs

– Infected

– Get poisoned

– And some other ailments.

Virus level and about hepatitisdetails

This virus is not an ordinary virus, but a virus that can grow to be large so that many are exposed to thehepatitis virus and do not know when the hepatitis virus will disappear and recover. Every virus always has some degree likehepatitis. Hepatitis has different levels of virus – different. There is a summary that explains the level of the hepatitis virus, such as:

keep clean to prevent virus//Virus

Levels A, and E: types of germs found in unhealthy drinks and foods.

B : found from unhealthy relationships and can also be from mother and child. Mothers and children can give children infected with the hepatitis virus through the mother’s blood.

C: unpredictable symptoms because this virus comes from unsterilized syringes and also comes from the use of illegal drugs.

D: for level d will develop from level B so that the virus can spread and enlarge the type of virus.

Symptoms ofhepatitis

View details of viral hepatitis levels. Many people ask about viral hepatitis. Almost every year there are several people who contracthepatitis. The possibility of infection with the virus comes from small, invisible germs. Actually these germs can be deadly. How to find out who has hepatitis virus

– Skin color that turns yellow

– The white part of the eye becomes yellow

– Easy to feel tired

– No appetite

– Frequent diarrhea

– Blocked activities

There is no medicine that can cure hepatitis. So that people infected withhepatitis do not recover and many die. Prevent viralhepatitis from spreading widely.

Suggestions to prevent the virus from growing

To prevent the hepatitis virus from spreading, you can look at the level of the virus. For levels A, B, and D can be through immunization. As for level c, the doctor will recommend anti-virus drugs, and there are many other ways to preventhepatitis. To prevent the virus from developing, you can maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and follow several stages of a healthy diet.

With these few steps, it can help the virus not grow so it is safe. There are also extreme ways to stop hepatitis from spreading, such as: performing liver transplant surgery, and taking medication from a doctor. Only for surgery have to think twice because it can make liver failure and become serious.