An exciting game that will keep you curious and want to play it endlessly. Plenty on twenty hot a game presented by novomatic. A game which will see the fruit interact and provide unexpected value. As is known, games that have the title of these fruits are often encountered with the same fruit model.

So it’s not difficult to win plenty on twenty hot games. Have the same sign with the same picture pattern. But this makes novomatic try the same game with different variants. Starting from the shape of the symbol that is made different from the previous plenty symbol.

Curiosity about game symbols

Singerprofile – Previously, fresh fruit and other signs were the same. In plenty on twenty hot this is made differently. Where every symbol is made alive. The purpose is made alive is in the game you will find some signs that have eyes, mouth and feet. As if all can live and move freely.

Seeing the appearance of the game made many gamers curious. Curiosity will pay off if you can get into the game playing it and get some unexpected win scores. Games that have a red background color are able to make the game atmosphere exciting.

living symbol//hot fruit

Game with red theme

This form of game that has 5 rounds with 3 lines, you can get a winning value of 20 times the winning value that gamers can get. Hearing the fruit can move and see as if we entered the game story. In accordance with the title, the hot color makes the screen on the game red.

To be able to get the value of the bet on the game, you don’t need to worry because this plenty on twenty hot game provides a bet value that can be almost 200,000 times the value of the bet that will be obtained. This mid-level game will try to bring you unexpected luck.

Game symbols

Still curious about the symbols that can live and move. So gamers, play this plenty on twenty hot game right away. Game symbols that are ready to give you lots of wins, namely: number 7, lemons, grapes, plums, oranges, cherries, watermelons, bells, and stars. The wild sign will only replace everything except the scatter.

The scatter form itself comes from stars. In other games the scatter is a sign that will give free spins. But in plenty on twenty hot, the scatter will only give the highest score if it manages to get the same 5 stars. In addition to scatters, there are also bonus games that will make gamers confused.

Bonus features and free play

Gamers must get the same color card so that gamers can get additional points. Does not give a free spin sign but is able to give exciting wins. If gamers are still curious, you can play demo games. To play the game you can play without having to place a bet. So gamers can know how to play it and how to get game coin value.

After successfully playing the demo game, you know how to win the game, you can play directly with real money bets. Even on the game screen, you can find out each symbol value and the number of symbols to win. If you feel that pressing the button makes you tired, you can play the game automatically. No need to press, just set the playing pattern automatically and wait for the screen to give a high symbol value in the game.