Ultra boost link great American buffalo

Great america buffalo
Great america buffalo

Ultra boost link great American buffalo

A new game presented by novomatic. This game played with real money will give you an unexpected chance to win. Get high wins by unlocking and big jackpots in the ultra boost link great American buffalo game. Various types of unique symbols with different values ​​will give a sense of fun while playing.

Maybe many gamers are curious about the game ultra boost link great American buffalo. A game that has a strong symbol and many herds that can accompany the buffalo. As in the title of the game that raises the story of the white buffalo. There are many stories about the white buffalo.

The type of game that has a story

Singerprofile – There are those who say that the buffalo is a sacred animal and should not be killed, there are also those who say that the white buffalo is the incarnation of a god. The confusing news makes the white buffalo a sacred animal in some countries that still believe in ancient stories. Ultra boost link great American buffalo game has 5 game cycles.

Where each rotation will produce a payout value in each game symbol. There are 50 types of payments that gamers can get with the same symbol. Every gamer who plays the Ultra Boost Link Great American Buffalo game will find several unique symbols such as otters, buffalo, ferrets, card signs and many more game symbols that gamers can see through the game info.

lucky symbol//Buffalo

Game symbols function

In the game info you will find several symbols with different values ​​and amounts. Finding the truth about the value of the game certainly does not need to be in a hurry because the Ultra Boost Link Great American Buffalo game will always accompany gamers. Wild comes from a white buffalo that is always waiting for you to win and give you unexpected surprises.

In addition to the wild you will find bonus symbols and gold coins. Gold coins are scatters in the game ultra boostlink great American buffalo. Getting 6 or more of the same on a different number of coins will activate spin lock and reel lock. The spin lock will lock every coin that the gamer gets.

Ultra boost in game

If you manage to get the roll key, the chance to win is even closer. The roll on top will open and widen the roll so that the roll is long. Every coin you get when you lock your spin will get 3 free spins. And if there are spin coins then the free spins will increase again.

In collecting coins you have to pray for a jackpot game coin sign. With the presence of the jackpot, the gamer’s value will increase and win. There are 4 jackpots that gamers can present, namely: large, medium, medium and mini. The jackpot has different values ​​if you manage to reach the value above the jackpot listed then you win and get paid immediately.

Play with cell phone

To play this ultra boost link great Americanbuffalo game, you don’t need to download it. You only need to open it through the website. If you want it even easier, you can also play this game via cellphone. A device that is easy to carry around will make it easier for you to access the game ultra boost link great American buffalo.

The excitement of getting a win from the latest novomatic game. Games that can also be played with automatic buttons so gamers don’t need to press the star button again.